Bernard Kim

Using Fertiliser On Your Garden: 3 Factors Which You Need to Consider


If you have decided to use garden fertilisers on your plants, it is important that you are aware of the risk of leaf burn. Leaf burn occurs when too much fertiliser is applied to a plant which causes the leaves to dry out and shrivel up. The damage to the leaves can damage a plant's abilities to grow. Below is a guide to 3 factors you should consider if you want to avoid leaf burn.

26 March 2018

The 5 Benefits Of Rainwater Tanks


There are many reasons why you might want to use rainwater tanks or poly water tanks. Harvesting rainwater can be a great way of saving money and utilising natural resources that are often within easy access. Whether you have been considering using water tanks for a while or you are looking to replace your existing tank, here are some benefits of doing so.  1. Lower Maintenance Costs Once you have your water tanks up and running they pretty much look after themselves.

22 June 2017

5 Points to Consider When Buying Dog Food


Buying dog food can be confusing. What is the best type of dog food? Which features should you look for? To guide you in the right direction, here is a list of points to consider. 1. Meat and Vegetables Dogs have evolved to live alongside humans, and that's reflected in their digestive tracts. Dogs aren't firmly carnivorous like their wolf ancestors, but they also aren't supposed to be vegans (even if their human companions are).

19 June 2017