3 Useful Tips For Beginners When Buying A Used Tractor


The price of new farm machinery is significant. Therefore, most people on a bare-bones budget cannot afford new equipment such as tractors. Consequently, a used tractor is a good investment since it gets the job done at an affordable cost. Before buying used a tractor, you need to consider a few things to avoid disappointment, for instance, the type of tasks the machine will be performing daily. This guide provides useful tips for beginners when buying a used tractor.

Tractor's Life -- The life of a used tractor is not measured in miles or kilometres but in hours of operation. It is estimated that an average farm tractor can clock up to 500 hours annually. For this reason, a used tractor can outlast a vintage car by lasting for several decades. Therefore, you are likely to land a good deal when you find a well-maintained, 30-year-old tractor. Such a tractor can still give you several years of service life on your farm before disposal.

Type of Tractor -- There are various types of used tractors to choose from; therefore, a buyer should know the category that they are looking for before going shopping. The kind of work that a tractor will be performing should help you in this regard. For instance, compact utility tractors are used for simple tasks such as landscaping projects. If you want something slightly big for farm work such as hauling hay, then consider a utility tractor that supports several attachments. There are also articulated tractors with enhanced features to perform complex tasks. Such tractors have sets of tyres for improved mobility in rough terrain. Buy an articulated tractor if you will be tilling or hauling large carts.

Operation Cost -- The cost of repairing a used tractor is marginal compared to that of a new tractor that is tied to a specific dealer. Furthermore, the operation costs of a used tractor are a fraction of what it would cost to operate a new tractor. The reason is that parts of old machinery are readily available and affordable, and thus, you can always find spare parts at your local hardware store. Modern tractors have proprietary software and sophisticated technology that only a dealer can repair when the equipment requires maintenance. On the other hand, repairing a used tractor can be as a DIY project if you have the right tools and knowledge. The overall cost of operating a used tractor makes it an attractive proposition for first-time buyers.

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12 May 2020

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