Choosing Colours for Your Poly Rainwater Tanks


Poly rainwater tanks have several advantages, including being cost-effective and light-weight. These tanks come in a range of shapes and sizes, and you also get to choose from different colours.

Which colour should you choose for your rainwater tanks? Here are among some of the primary considerations that you will want to keep in mind as you make your selection.

1. Aesthetics

With regards to aesthetics, you may want to choose rainwater tanks that will blend in well with everything else on your property, and more so what is near where the tank stands. The choice of colour comes down to a matter of preference.

You could, for example, go for lighter and brighter colours just to brighten things up on your property. Similarly, darker-coloured rainwater tanks may be a good choice if your landscaping is already too bright and you want to create some contrast.

2. Effect on Water Temperature and Quality

On practical matters, the colour of your rainwater tanks will, to some extent, affect the temperature and, by extension, the quality of the water stored in the tanks. Darker colours such as black and darker shades of blue will absorb more heat than lighter colours. As a result, the water in dark-coloured tanks will get hotter, faster. Warm water may be better suited for some uses compared to cooler water, so you will need to consider that before choosing a colour.

How much light enters your rainwater tanks may also affect the quality of your water. Some algae types thrive in sunlight. Some thin, light-coloured tanks with less pigment will allow a generous amount of sunlight to enter the tanks. When this happens, the conditions will be perfect for some algae to thrive and multiply. This is a serious concern since some of the algae may be a threat to the health of both humans and animals.

3. Quality Matters

As you choose the colours for your rainwater tanks, you also need to be careful about the quality of your purchase. It is not uncommon to see some tanks discolour and fade within a matter of a few months. This is why it is important to ensure that you buy rainwater tanks made with quality resins that have stabilisers and can stand against UV deterioration.

Quality pigments with choice additives will give your rainwater tanks a colour that not only looks good, but which will also last longer, regardless of the kind of weather conditions to which the tanks are exposed.

For more information, contact a rainwater tank supplier.


21 October 2020

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