5 Points to Consider When Buying Dog Food


Buying dog food can be confusing. What is the best type of dog food? Which features should you look for? To guide you in the right direction, here is a list of points to consider.

1. Meat and Vegetables

Dogs have evolved to live alongside humans, and that's reflected in their digestive tracts. Dogs aren't firmly carnivorous like their wolf ancestors, but they also aren't supposed to be vegans (even if their human companions are). Instead, dogs are omnivores, and you should look for food that has both meat and plants. However, you should look for dog food that features meat as the number one ingredient. Otherwise, the food tends to be full of fillers and byproducts.

2. Limited Filler and Byproducts

Filler refers to any cheap ingredients that are used to bulk out the dog food. Byproducts are secondary products made in the manufacturing of primary food products. Ideally, you want to avoid excess amounts of either of these types of ingredients. They add volume to the food without really adding any nutrition.

3. Allergens

If your dog has any allergies, you should scan the list of ingredients for allergens. Potential allergens may include eggs, wheat or dairy. Luckily. Some dog food manufacturers actually address these allergens with foods made just for dogs who can't tolerate these ingredients.

4. Texture

Also, think about the texture of the food. If you have a senior dog or a dog who has suffered from canine cavities, you may need soft foods. Most adult dogs need a bit of crunch—in addition to providing a pleasant mouth-feel, crunchy foods also help to clean teeth.

The crunchy pieces essentially scrape bits of goo off the teeth. In contrast, soft food is more likely to coat the teeth. Finally, in this vein, also check out the size of each kibble. Small dogs may need small bite-sized pieces, while dogs with larger mouths can handle moderate to large pieces of dog food.

5. Lifestage

You may also want to think about lifestage. Some dog foods are made specifically for puppies or seniors. However, if you have multiple dogs, you may want to look for a food that works for multiple life stages. If feeding puppies, keep in mind that they need extra protein—so focus on the dog foods with meat as the number one ingredient. With older dogs, focus on gentle recipes without a lot of allergens or fillers.  


19 June 2017

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